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Flawless Sabrina
In 1968 Flawless Sabrina, World's Most Masterful Mistress of Ceremonies, a.k.a. Jack Doroshow, skyrocketed to worldwide recognition, as the star subject of the documentary, "The Queen". Shown at the Cannes Film Festival, Judith Crist called it one of the ten best films of the decade. Sabrina was later hired as a "special advisor" on such films as Myra Breckenridge, Midnight Cowboy and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

It all started back in Philadelphia when Sabrina, at age 8, saw her Aunt Bessie all done up in dayglow blue sequins for a Bar Mitzvah. "She looked like the Aurora Borealis" Sabrina recalls. It was then that The Flawless One immediately started cross dressing.

In 1959 Sabrina organized her first contest, Miss Philadelphia. Repressive laws were enforced in the 1950's- 60's. Three pieces of male clothing are required to avoid incarceration and in some states cross dressing is a felony. Sabrina and her girls (who included the likes of Monique, Dorian Corey, Crystal La Beija, Mario Montez, Rachael Harlow and International Chrysis) endured raids, spent many nights (dressed) in jails, and were escorted to many a state border.

When organizing a competition of the state winners, Sabrina wanted to use the name "Miss Camp America", but was sued by the Miss America Pageant, thus it was called the "Nationals". Sabrina recruited many high profile judges including Judy Garland, Truman Capote, Gloria Swanson, Eartha Kitt and Andy Warhol (who helped finance "The Queen"). Not since the 1940's was drag in America so celebrated. Sabrina organized her last pageant in 1967, Miss Fire Island, which is still going. On seeing Wigstock for the first time in 2000 she said, "I'm awed by the professionalism but must confess that I miss the grit of the old days."

The Queen


In addition to many wigs F.S. also wears many hats. With her brother, the songwriter Gregg Diamond (More, More, More/ New York, New York/ You've Got Me Dancin') our "can do" gal invented the "Lease Tape Deal," which gives artist's rights back after distribution. Having a busy modern schedule with no time for lunch with the ladies, Ms. Flawless recently did volunteer work for both the Hillary Clinton and Al Gore campaigns, including voter registration with the transgender community who she considers to be the vanguard of contemporary lifestyles. She was motivated into active politics by Mayor Giuliani's fascistic attack on our nightlife. With the help of campaign friends, the Most Masterful one has obtained transportation for a citywide program she stared which brings together artists and elementary schoolchildren to share the creative experience. "Drag brings out the woman in me and the child as well".

Trained as a psychologist, Mistress has helped many people, but as with many female icons of her generation, there are tragic problems involving alleged abuse regarding her daughter, the troubled nightclub worker, Rose Royalle, who lives a life of sordid squalor in waterfront saloons. A woman about town, Sabrina's tireless activities and charity work also include her mad escapades with the jet set, art shows in her gilded, faux Gertrude Stein 5th Avenue enclave, as well as an endless parade of youthful proteges from the far reaches of her long walks in Central Park. But it is downtowners who see her at her best- doing the Jackie Hustle and as the World's Most Masterful Mistress of Ceremonies at Queen Mother events. Her lustrous cascade of billowing blonde ringlets, creamy alabaster complexion, ample bosom, self-deprecating humor, stand-up attitude and big hearted flashing smile ... FLAWLESS!!

Contributing biographer: Rose Royalle. rose@queenmother.tv




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